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Photo of Soldiers Monument & gallery photos by David Giagnoni.

Oak Ridge Cemetery was established in 1835 with the first known burial—that of one-year-old Nathan Tanner—whose headstone is surrounded by a small white picket fence. The oldest person buried in Oak Ridge is Minta Schoonover, age 106.

The original two-acre site, dedicated to the City of Farmington in 1868, has now increased to over 41 acres. The tall gray granite Soldiers Monument was erected by the citizens of Farmington and dedicated in 1892 by the Woman’s Relief Corps. A mausoleum was built in 1925 and became cemetery property in 1960.

The City is grateful for the many significant donations of time, cash bequeaths, memorials, and other gifts from C.C. Butler, O.K. Morgan, the Ralph Tyler and Don McCord Estates, Gilbert and Shirley Harmon, John Baudino, Fern Taylor, and Herb Stufflebeam.

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Original Burial Records 1869-1962

The thing I love most about living in Farmington is the community support we receive. Every football game has the stands full; every basketball game has the bleachers full; every parade is lined with kids and families; and every event we have in town is supported by the people that live here.


After I moved here as a young girl, I remained in Farmington because I found all the things that were important to me. My family grew to four generations. They were raised and educated here, I served my church and community here and made many friends. As different needs arrived, the community and its people have always been here to help, support, and encourage.


Farmington has always been my home, but the essence of what Farmington is can best be seen in the way the community takes care of one another. My son had lived in Chicago since he was 18. At the age of 32, he was diagnosed with MS and had to move back to our hometown that as a young man he had been so set on escaping. Since his return, the community has rallied around Brad, taking him to appointments and helping him with heavy lifting, being there when I could not, and just being supportive of a young man with a disability. The food bank has dropped groceries by for him and everyone has made sure he has everything he needs to remain healthy. This is a community that cares for its fellowman and that instills hope in all of us who have been jaded by city life. Knowing that there are helping hands ready to assist in a time of need makes Farmington a community that lives by the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”

I chose to move to Farmington because of the safe environment in which to raise my family. I love the sense of family and community that this town has. We have wonderful restaurants, a beautiful and safe downtown for shopping, and many wonderful churches in our city. I love the family-friendly activities throughout the year and am so thankful that we chose Farmington.

I chose Farmington because it is a lovely community full of caring people!