Farmington stands out as an extraordinary, warm, and family-focused community, situated a mere 25 miles west of Peoria on Route 116. Embracing the serene comforts of rural life, residents also relish the proximity—within just thirty minutes—of vibrant city offerings, the Greater Peoria Regional Airport, and vital interstate connections. With its charming small-town ambiance, Farmington provides an idyllic setting to cherish life’s treasures and foster a nurturing environment for families to thrive.

Community leaders are working to preserve the community’s history with a vision for development and progress. The City established a Tax Increment Financing District in 2014 that has resulted in financial assistance for the restoration of many of the businesses in the Downtown Historical District as well as to other commercial properties. Since 2018, the use of TIF funds has also enabled numerous homeowners to take advantage of residential renovations and improvements with grants of up to $2000.00 each.

Each year Farmington participates and hosts multiple events and fairs as well as the Spoon River Drive, with parades for the Fourth of July and the Farmington Farmers Homecoming. Learn more about the Farmers by visiting the District #265 website here.

Farmington is proud of its K-12 school complex constructed in 2004 and the Farmington Area Public Library building built in 2014, the many choices for worship available, and its parks and friendly, walkable streets.

“Farmington Grows Families” and we welcome you to grow with us!

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Food Truck Friday’s is a new event that the city is putting on. We heard everyone wanting more variety of food without leaving town and we are trying to deliver. As we get food trucks coming, we will continue to update the page and alert through our Facebook.

The city has been working hard to get fillable forms up and running for the convivence of our residents. To fill these out please use a computer or a tablet device. Some forms and permit applications require a fee, through the website, Epay is available. Any questions about this service? Please call the city building and we can assist you.

Italian Fest is starting back-up, and we could not be more excited! If you are interested in participating in the many events that will take place, direct yourself to the Italian Fest page located on this website. Sign-ups are available and an itinerary with a fun-filled day!

The contact form on this website is a great accessory for any citizen to ask questions, get clarification, or reach out. All responses will come from email and allow residents to contact us when they are able to. If there are any circumstances that needs to be addressed ASAP, please call us and we will get them resolved.

The city has started its own Facebook page, so residents are able to receive the correct information from the source itself. If you are interested in following this page it is, City of Farmington, IL.

As the trees are throwing leaves, our public works will run an annual weeklong program where residents are able to push leaves to the curb and the leaf truck will pick them up. This is a newer program that started last year and was very successful. Our city enjoys putting on these programs to assist our residents in any way. Have any questions on this program or wanting to know when they start? Feel free to call the city building at: (309)245-2011

Want to keep up with what is happening at the Municipal Building and in town? You are able to subscribe to our calendar and add it to yours!

All City Council Meetings are able to be streamed from the comfort of your own home. They are located on the City of Farmington Youtube: @Cityoffarmingtonil