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Check Out the New Online City Codes!

Do you know what months you can burn outside?  What kinds of fires?  What not to burn?

Is your dog licensed in the City?  Do you have to?

Check out the City Codes for the answers to your most burning questions!

You can navigate to them from the Government tab on the main menu above, or you can click here to give them a look!

You can use the new Table of Contents to peruse the Titles and Chapters.

Not sure where to find what you’re looking for? Use our website’s search bar to look up a word or phrase. If there’s a match, you will see every page that contains that word or phrase. Once you’re on a page, try using CTRL + F to Find what you’re looking for!

We plan to keep the online City Codes up-to-date, but please understand that there may be delays.

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