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We have four committees in which you may choose to participate in as a chamber member. They are Business and Community Development, Member & Public Relations, Marketing & Promotions, and Retail Campaign. A description of the four committees are below for your reference as well as a link to our committee registration form.

To register to participate on a committee, please fill out the online committee registration form.

FCC Core Committee Overview

Business & Community Development

Mission: The mission of the Business & Community Development Committee is to help promote a healthy business community and ensure quality life for residents in Farmington.

Business & Community Development Objectives: 

  • Business After Hours
  • Community Events
  • Community Work Day
  • Professional Development Opportunities

Member & Public Relations

Mission: The mission of the Member & Public Relations Committee is to be the membership liaison.

Member & Public Relations Objectives: 

  • Membership Dues letters prepared and sent out
  • Develop benefits structure
  • Maintain up-to-date membership records, business directory
  • Promotes positive business within the community & acts as a mentor for current members
  • Organizes “Welcome Bags”
  • Supports and helps promote special events hosted by FCC

Marketing & Promotions

Mission: The mission of the Marketing & Promotions is to help elevate the presence of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce and its members within the community.

Marketing & Promotions Objectives:

  • Supports and helps promote special events hosted by FCC
  • Facilitates the Business Spotlight & New Member Announcements
  • Maintain Social Media & Website to assure it is up to date
  • Produce a monthly FCC newsletter

Retail Campaign

Mission: The mission of the retail committee is to help promote a strong retail community.

Retail Campaign Objectives:

  • Shop Local Campaign
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Year-round promotions for retail, restaurants, etc.

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