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American Rescue Plan Business Grant

The City of Farmington recently awarded grants to local businesses as a result of having received funds from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. There were twenty-two business grants awarded as well as one grant to a “home based” business. The city is now seeking other “home based” businesses that may not have been aware of the earlier opportunity for these grants.

Earlier notifications were sent to businesses who were determined to be “local” and paid sales tax to the State of Illinois, for further credit to the City of Farmington. The sales tax listing was provided to the city by the State of Illinois and a few of the listed business names were not easily identifiable, resulting in, potentially, an unintentionally missed opportunity for a grant of this type. If you have a “home based” business and that business meets the required criteria as explained below, please contact the City of Farmington for an application/certification form by calling the office, 309-245-2011.

The criteria are identified as:

  1. A local business that has paid sales tax to the State of Illinois from May 1, 2020 to the current date.
  2. A business that was considered a “non-essential business” * by Governor Pritzker during the early months of the pandemic, beginning March 1, 2020;
  3. The majority of the business income was reliant on customer traffic patronizing the business and this was not possible due to pandemic-related restrictions; and
  4. The business was negatively impacted due to Covid-19 restrictions, resulting in significant loss of income.

All applications for this type of grant, as well as the actual grant amount, will be considered and determined by the Farmington City Council. The deadline for submission of the application is November 10, 2021.

*   For a list of “essential” businesses please refer to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity bulletin (4-7-2020) or other authoritative source from the State of Illinois.

The City of Farmington is not qualified to respond to questions concerning any tax liability that may arise as a result of a business receiving this grant.

Download the PDF below for a printable version of the application form:

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