Why Farmington?

Local Residents Weigh In
  • 74-Year-Old Female:

    I love the people and the small town atmosphere where everyone knows everyone.

  • 96-Year-Old Female:

    It is a friendly neighborhood with little violence.

  • 47-Year-Old Female:

    Everyone is more apt to help each other out.

  • 18-Year-Old Male:

    Farmington has a very supportive school with a variety of extracurricular activities.

  • 15-Year-Old Male Transfer Student:

    There are tight bonds between teammates and friends. There is a lot of chemistry throughout sports.

  • 47-Year-Old Male:

    Farmington was the place that I grew up in and I love how if there is one thing wrong we all come together. I still have all of my high school friends and those are the closest bonds through a small town.

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